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About Us

About us

About us
With great idealism and mutual interest for succulent plants we, Brigitte Piltz my husband and me, already started during the years of study and before our marriage in 1966 with the establishment of a cactus collection. Thereby was my father's former collection a welcome "Seed Capital".
In the following years we undertook a number of study trips to the home countries of the cacti, to learn more about the relationships, living conditions of these plants and their accompanying vegetation. A respectful view on nature, animals and plants had and still has high priority for us.

Jörg PiltzAbout our nursery
First we gave the seeds and seedlings, which we grew from our mother plants, only to friends and other interested collectors. But soon the number of cactus amateurs interested in dated seed material expanded and we decided in 1977 to publish our first small seed list. In 1980 we moved to the city of Dueren and opened our current nursery. The nursery is placed outside Dueren at the foothills of the Eifel.
Despite the high volume of work we still take pleasure in being engaged with these exciting plants.



In addition we still had the time to create our Pancho, who represents our motto: …always busy for you.